Wake Up, Iris!

Wake Up, Iris ! is Bie Paksi and Vania Marisca. The universe’s spokesperson. Influenced by the sound of nature and noises that they heard all around their universe, they want to make honest, decent, and modest songs. Wake Up Iris ! wants to Wake You Up! And gives colors to the world. Formed in 2015, released its debut album A U R E O L E on January 24th, 2018.  After releasing a single on October 30th, 2020, Audeamus, their music changed and transformed into a grander set and ready to cross more boundaries.

Ruang Kendali

Ruang Kendali started in 2019. Their music is inspired from the anxiety over human thoughts where the humans will always have their own specific space and only them is able to control it. Ruang Kendali  wants to be an introspective amplification tool through their music. Presenting music that complements solitude, Ruang Kendali suggests listeners to hear their music in their own room, each in their personal space, both physically and psychologically.

Starting with the first single Reprise (2020) and continued with the second single EGO (2021), each of its personnel, Abink (Vocals), Rian (Rhtym Guitar), Ditra (Bass), Bimo (Melodic Guitar) and Andy (Drums) agree that through their music, they will only present whatever appears in the human mind that they might experienced and will not give a fuck to the change the mind or inspiration that the listener gets when listening to their music. The control is yours.


Zezya is a solo project from Zezya Yuviant, starting in 2021. With a cheerful and energetic vibe, Zezya presents electro-pop songs inspired by human life as a young adult. With ‘Lulu’ (2021) as the debut single of  Zezya’s musical journey, she invites listeners to enjoy the change in adolescence towards adulthood without missing the pleasure of every human’s life stage and capturing the message that Zezya wants to convey in her music.