Sindikat Spora is a collective band management in Malang, East Java and established in 2020. Initiated by Vania Marisca and Bie Paksi of Wake Up Iris! as the representative management of Wake Up Iris!, and two newcomers from Malang, Ruang Kendali and Zezya. 

Starting with little steps, this colony, as they prefer themselves to be called, Sindikat Spora aims to open ways and to organize the necessity of musician that is involved in this management such as in-house management, music producing, PR & promotion, branding and every little things in between. 

But this colony will open up, hopefully in the near future, for more slots for musician with kindred spirit. 

Sindikat spora believes every music that every musician makes will find its way to be heard and with passion, smart-work, and collaboration we can push the limit and become greater than we ever imagine.

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